Over the last year I’ve been developing a Trading Card Review game based on my standards. It is similar to a Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game with “Character Cards”, “Effect Cards”,. and “Trap Cards”. Their is a quick version that doesn’t use the effects and traps too. I had tied the cards into my rewards system as well as my alternative economy in the first semester. Students received cards for completing certain actions or scoring a certain score on an assessment. They could also earn ‘credits’ which could then be used to purchase cards. For example, I didn’t want quizzes to impact their grades, but the score equaled the number of credits they earned.It helped give some non-grade reward for their effort.

Anyways, the rules and first four card sets can be found at:

History: The Trading Card Game Link

If you like the game and use it just give me some credit (or cash… either way…).