‘Tis the season to begin thinking about next year. I’ve been working on creating an avatar type system that would allow students some more choices in their classroom experience. As I made the avatar types I had attempted to keep in mind the different gamification player types (I like to use @daverage Marczewski’s Player Type Hexad), the different types of activities that students tend to enjoy, and different ways students can earn XP.

What I developed were 6 different avatar types with different powers and skills that I hope allow students to individualize their experiences. My next few posts will detail the avatar types which include:

  • The Curator
  • The Scholar
  • The Protege
  • The Executive
  • The Artisan
  • The Rogue

Each of the Avatar Types has:

  • Power Bonus – an ability that allows the student to earn more XP based on the choice or work that they make.
  • Special Skill – this is an ability that can be used during tests (my district calls them common assessments) which is unlocked by completing the required recorded lessons.

A Note on “Hearts” – During the semester or quarter every student gets three hearts. They lose a heart if they submit an assignment late. If they lose all of their hearts they lose their special skill. If they submit another late assignment then they will lose their power bonus. I am describing this in the story as being “too weak” to use their abilities.