My RPG101 Avatar System (a centralized post)

Over the last couple of months I rolled out my student Avatar Plans for the coming school year. This post has the links for all 6 avatar types, the overall plan, and the possible additional powers students can acquire all in one place for easy access.

A Quick Overview of the 6 Types
The Artisan
The Curator
The Executive
The Protege
The Rogue
The Scholar
Overview of Powers and link to card page
Oh! And what do you think of the title ‘RPG101’. I like to think of my class as a role playing game and that the students are players in the RPG. The concept is based on game inspired design, but I think this term is more distinct to the classroom goals and bit more catchy. I’ve also been thinking of RPG-ED, but that sounds funny to me…


  1. This is a fantastic creation/manifestation of something I have been thinking about doing in my own classroom game over the past few years. Have you determined how students will be ‘sorted’ into the different classes? Will they get to choose or be assigned based on a player type quiz, etc?


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