I am very excited about assisting with the #games4ed chat again this Thursday at 8:00pm EST! One of the awesome things about Twitter Education Chats is how organically the conversations can lead to new discussions and discoveries. This week’s #games4ed chat about Gamified Gaming systems came from a spontaneous conversation in a different chat a few weeks ago. As a teacher that has been using XP/Level Up grading for 4 years I am glad to help eXPlore the concepts even further!

Below are the Questions for the Chat as well as links to some of my past writings on the subject. I hope you can all Join Us!

INTRO: Welcome to #games4ed! Introduce yourself and tell us if you are an eXPert, eXPerienced, or eXPloring gamified grader.

  1. If you are an eXPert or eXPerienced in gamified grading systems (like XP/Level Up grading, micro-badging, etc…) give your elevator pitch for the benefits of using such a system.

  2. A former Principal once told me “there are no challenges, only opportunities”. What are the “opportunities” associated with traditional category weighted or points based grading systems?

  3. If you are an eXPert or eXPerience with experience points (XP/Level Up) systems, explain how your XP based grading system works.  Explorers, what questions do you have?

  4. How can badges be used as a grading tool?

  5. How can a gamified grading systems help facilitate more formative assessment as well as give better feedback?

  6. Many eXPloring teachers get nervous about the common gamified “freedom to fail” concept. Often this allows retakes and full credit even for late assignments. How can this idea be successfully incorporated into a grading system

  7. Many gamified gradebooks incorporate mastery or competency based learning strategies. What is mastery based learning and are there any other strategies that can be successfully incorporated into a gamified grading system?

  8. eXPlorers, what questions do you have? Tag someone that you would like to continue the discussion with! eXPerts and and eXPerienced chatters, please post links that may help us all continue on our gamified journey!

Past XP Writings on Game Inspired Design

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