I haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks. Starting in early July I hit the mid summer break lull in thinking about school. The 4th of July break blends into my birthday and then when I start thinking about school again I get a bit of a paralysis by analysis based on all of the ideas that I want to get down. I cant be the only one! 

Coming up I have a pretty big to do list. In addition to getting the onboarding unit finished for my high school History Underground game I have a couple of college level history classes that need syllabi and general outlined developed, two 1/2 day National History Day professional development sessions to prep, and some,conference sessions to prepare! 

I am not complaining… The work is engaging and important. While ‘Socializer’ is not my player type, I am apparently made up of a smattering of ‘Philanthropist’ with a dash of ‘Disruptor’ and a large dose of ‘Achiever’. Socializing seems to be a prerequisite in spreading the good word of Game Inspired Design. 

I’m excited to be presenting at the 2017 South Carolina EdTech Conference this October! My session will be 10/25 at 9:15 in Myrtle Beach. If you’re in the area I’ll be presenting on my ‘QWIQR’ flipped classroom. Oddly enough I wrote my first guest blog post at Corwin Blog about QWIQR while on lunch break at the 2016 SC Ed Tech conference. Weird…

I’ll be posting more frequently soon. I have some thoughts on SAPS rewards, the Magic Circle, pursuing creativity, and more but I need a few more days of R and R to shake out the cobwebs. Enjoy the rest of the summer break!