As the summer winds down I am fine tuning and polishing some of the broad strokes that I had been thinking about at the end of last semester. One of my ideas was to improve the building system that I had toyed with in the past. Here is what I have come up with so far. (This is all intensely rule sounding but my intention is to make a cool recording to share with students as the guild chips are introduced to the game about 2-3 weeks into the gameplay). Since I have students through 2 semesters, but their class membership changes in the 2nd semester I have include criteria for the semester change. As always thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


Creating a Guild

  1. Each member must have a Guild Chip

  2. Any two to four students in the same class with a guild chip may form a guild

    1. Guilds are limited to 4 members

    2. Members may be added after the guild is formed in the existing members unanimously approve the addition and the new member has a guild chip

Guild Privileges

  1. Guilds can claim a territory

    1. A territory consists of up to two desks forming a square and 4 chairs

  2. Guilds can create a flag to mark their territory

    1. Must be original (no US flags, Stars & Bars, etc) and school appropriate (as determined by Mr Powley and school code)

  3. Guilds can challenge other guilds to fights

  4. Guilds can go on special missions together

  5. Guilds earn a bonus if all members score a B or above on a common assessment

  6. Guilds may ‘pool’ their gold reserves

    1. Though purchased cards may only have a single user

Guild Responsibilities

  1. Guilds must maintain high ethical standards

    1. If a guild member is found to be violating the student honor code they will be removed from the guild and the guild chip will be lost

  2. Guilds must maintain a clean disciplinary record

    1. Again, members in violation will be removed and the chip will be lost

  3. Guilds are responsible for resetting their territory at the end of class.

    1. Desks and chairs must be returned to the original set up

Guild Fights

  1. A guild may issue one challenge a week to any other existing guild

    1. Rogue types may act as an isingle person guild and issue a challenge to any existing guild as well

  2. When the challenge is issued the guild may wager any amount of their pooled gold up to 100 gold pieces OR a single card (except their avatar type cards which are not tradeable)

    1. If a card is wagered then the victorious team can select any card from any guild member on the losing team

  3. The challenged guild will select a standard indicator and Mr Powley will open a goformative quiz for that indicator

  4. The guild with the highest average (total points divided by number of members) wins the wagered prize.

  5. In the case of a tie neither team wins the prize.

Earning a Guild Chip

  1. Guild chips will be an optional card choice for students that earn a yellow tie and above.

  2. Guild chips will also be an optional prize for students that earn an A or B on a common assessment

  3. Guild chips,can also be randomly earned,through dice rolls.

  4. Guild,chips will not be available through the card store.

Guild Leaderboards

  1. If a guild so wishes, they may participate in the guild leaderboard competition

  2. The total XP for the guild will be averaged (total XP divided by number of members) and a leaderboard for the 5 classes will be posted

    1. This will be updated weekly

  3. A second Most Improved for the Week will also be updated

    1. This will be the highest average XP gained since the last Westgate update.

Ad Hoc Squads

  1. Not all collaborations are guilds

  2. For example the NHD project groups and the side,mission squads are not guilds and do not receive the guild privileges

Semester Change

  1. Guilds must be made up of students in a single class.

  2. At the change of the semester existing guilds will be dissolved

  3. Members of guilds in good standing will receive their guild chips back and may form new guilds in the new class.

  4. A guild in good standing may designate a single “heir” that will inherit the name and regalia of the original guild

    1. Heir choice must be done unanimously and by consensus

  5. All leaderboards will be reset at the semester change