#XPLAPcamp Week 2 – Culture Games

Thank you to all of the Happy First week #XPLAPcampers! Over the course of the week the XPLAPcamp participants talked about “Onboarding”, thinking how games teach gameplay and the rules of the game world. Week 2 will focus on “Culture Games” (the Questions are below). Since Sundays are for reflections I have a few innovations to include in camp this week.

  1. Twitter Tag! – on Wednesday (in addition to the daily Question) we are going to play TAG! Player 1 will tag someone that inspires them and tell them why. The person that is tagged will have to tag someone that inspires them… and so on. Player that gets the longest chain wins! (nothing but pride of course 🙂
  2. #XPLAPcampStory – Got a new blog post or YouTube video that you would like to promote. Tag us on Friday! Share your great ideas and get inspired by others!

I would love to hear your ideas on what else we can do on a slow chat!

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