4 Keys Series Recap

Ms. Lazzaro is an inspirational figure in my classroom design process. When I was in the early stages of gamifying my classroom I came across the 4 Keys to Fun and gave me an interesting insight into player motivations. I had never thought deeply about what it means for something to be fun – it either was or it wasn’t – and would grow frustrated when activities I thought would be fun fell flat. By thinking about the conditions that allow something to be fun it is possible to set the conditions that allow fun to occur. It is also important to realize that what one student thinks is fun another student may not. Going through this series has allowed me to reflect on the 4 keys and help me better implement them – I hope it has helped you as well.

Lazarro’s 4 Keys to Fun – pt 1 Introduction.

Lazzaro’s Easy Fun (pt 2)

Lazzaro’s Hard Fun (pt 3)

Lazzaro’s People Fun (pt 4)

Lazzaro’s Serious Fun (pt 5)

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