Ah, the first weeks of school. Every one is coming in rested, tanned, and full of hopes and dreams for the new school year. We are also in the odd phase of the year where the weather still says summer but the calender is getting us into fall routines. If you and yours are like my family we are still fantasizing about sleeping in, going to the beach, and eating ice cream in the shade. If you are like me, its the time of year where all those awesome game inspired class plans are going to finally be put to the test too! So, as the last remnants of summer fade away it is a nice time to look forward while thinking about our Final Summer Fantasies!

This weeks theme comes from the Final Fantasy video game series. The series began in 1987 and is now on its 15th (!) main game. The storyline and characters change but most of the games have common characteristics. There is a detailed narrative with a futuristic fantasy setting, there is magic mixed with science, battles with monsters, colorful characters, emotional engagement, branching character development, and epic Big Bad Bosses! 

Without further ado here are the weeks questions: feel free to post answers any time during the week. Just label answers with A and the number of the Q (ex. A1 for Q1). As always Sundays are reflection days and please use #XPLAPcamp to show other campers any interesting posts you cone across!