Finally, the long dark summer is over and its nearly Football season again! I grew up in western NY and there is something about chilly weather, grilled Bratwurst, and football on the TV that link with the start of Fall and the beginning of the school year in my mind. This week I am excited to talk about gamification in the classroom through football. 

Monday we will start a tools and toys “draft”. Anyone can start their own draft! Simply post your favorite app, website, or other tool. Then anyone can jump in to the draft! The next person to add to the thread gets the second pick! Third person gets 3rd pick and so on. Start your own draft and then join someone else’s! Just remember to add #XPLAPcamp to yoir post.

Questions this week will be released at 6am, 6pm, and 9pm Eastern Time. I am still trying to figure out the best times to release and remind the Question of the Day. I figure 6am will let everyone see the Q before school, 6pm will let everyone see the Q after school, and 9pm will be after dinner on both coasts. Suggestions are always appreciated.

In addition to the Question of the Day (QOD) I will also try to add interesting posts and articles I come across. I encourage all #XPLAPcamp Rs to share interesting Twitter posts, relevant articles, and their own blogposts and YouTube videos by adding #XPLAPcamp to their Twitter posts. 

Have a great week and hope to see you all around the virtual campfire… Or maybe this week its a virtual tailgate party!