As a elementary age kids I remember being obsessed with baseball cards. Buying a box of cards and then ripping open each individual pack was exhilarating. I’m pretty sure I nearly completed a 1989 Donruss edition. By the time I got to high school I had largely outgrown baseball cards. After moving to a new school I fell in with a bunch of new friends with some unfortunate habits; they were gigantic Star Wars fans and Video Gamers. We would have nights were Empire was on the TV as we took turns playing Doom or Command and Conquer. They were a terrible influence 🙂 (as it turns out they were helping my career…) Sometime in high school the Star Wars films were rereleased and it was glorious. Not not did we get to see the films on the big screen but a whole slew of new toys were released (see, bad influence… I was in high school!) My friends and I fell in love with the Star Wars trading card game and devote large amoubts of cash to buying the starter deck and then the boosters. As I turned out none of us could undersrand how to,play the game, but we were devoted. This love of trading cards and trading card games has followed me into adulthood with Yugioh (primarily) and Magic: The Gathering (briefly) sparking my interest. Now it is even impacting my classroom in both a literal way as I have developed a History Trading Card Review Game (follow the link for cards and rules) and now my Power Cards (using a Magic: The Gathering Card Creator) and in a figurative way with the card games influencing my perspectives.

This week’s theme is Trading Cards. I would encourage both the literal and figurative thinking when pondering the Questions of the Day (QODs). As always feel free to answer on the day the questions post (6am, 6pm, and 9pm EST) or answer any questions any day. Also, link you own posts, related articles, or longer threads. Thank you for helping make #XPLAPcamp a great resource for educators interested in game inspired design!

Here are this weeks Qs: