WellPlayedu Podcast with Mr. Matera

This week I am honored to present my second appearance on Michael Matera’s #wellplayedu podcast. In this edition we chatted about questions the #xplap community had posted on his crew questions form. Here’s the link:

 eXPlore Like A Pirate Podcast 27: Mailbag

I am endlessly fascinated by Mr. Matera and the energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness he brings to our community of game inspired teachers. I get something out of every conversation we have had both on the pod and at #xplap. If you listen to the pod, I feel there is a sincere curiousity we each have about each other’s practice. 

In fact, I would extend general observation further to the larger game inspired community in general. I have participated in some ed Twitter chats that seem to have a ‘correct’ point of view and the conversations feel stifled; however my experience in chats like #xplap #xplapcamp or #games4ed is one of support and inquiry. Everyone is trying to learn from each other and grow their own understandings.

I have a friend that is schooled in improv and she lives the “yes, and…” philosophy. My (basic) understanding is that on stage you accept and support your fellow performers worldview (yes) but then add something to the universe (and…). To say no is to discredit the other performer and take away from the performance. Leaders like Michael (and so many others I don’t want to name for fear of leaving some out) help to cultivate this “yes, and…” spirit even if it is not a primary goal. What is even better is that those that see themselves as learners are also adding to our community with their insights and perspective every week.

I am often reminded of a prayer that my former pasted ended each sermon with… May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my mind be acceptable in Thu site for though I am a teacher I am left with more questions than answers… Amen…

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