Hey and Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Carrie’s time as camp counselor. The art shack takeover was… unexpected 😉 … but was certainly FUN!! I have never thought of myself as an artist but taking doodling notes was inspirational!

Over the next couple of weeks I want to go back to basics and think a bit about “SAPS” – Status, Access, Power, and Stuff rewards. These are obviously external rewards systems but every good game system is a combination of external and internal motivation systems. My hope is that we, as game inspired designers, seriously consider who, when and, especially, why we use the motivators that we choose to use. I have written about my thoughts on how grades are a base need for students. So, over the next two weeks I want to send time in a deep dive, using Carrie’s (@heckawesome) artistic flare, into the SAPS rewards and hopefully encourage educators to think about how to best use these motivators.

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