It has been an interesting year. 

Personally, my wife and I are expecting our 3rd son any day now and, barring anything major in the next few days, my immediate family has been healthy and safe. I am certainly a blessed man.

Professionally, (how can I put a positive spin on this?) as a Historian and American History teacher there has certainly been ample opportunity to bring real world connections into the classroom. 1920s Nativism and Xenophobia? Hello, Muslim Ban. What is a Tariff? Welcome to the party, Economic Populism. Why does media literacy and primary source analysis matter? Nice to meet you President “Fake News”.

This has also been my first full year writing about my game inspired classroom. When I started this blog I would have been happy if a dozen people read my work. I am so happy that this site has been viewed nearly 7000 times in 2017 – a number I hope grows in 2018! As I reflect on the year I want to share with you all my top posts of 2017! Click on the links and enjoy!

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  2. My XP Grading Nuts and Bolts
  3. By the Power of Grayskull (powercards)
  4. XP Grading Outlined
  5. QWIQR Flipped Learning (technically 11/2016)
  6. Dreadsheets: Using Spreadsheets for Boss Battles