I will freely admit that I am a Sketchnotes Noob. I also admit that I have very little in the way of artistic skill. Its one of those “mind is willing but the flesh is weak” deals. My creativity and vision find different outlets.

That said, I can see the educational value in the practice of sketchnotes. When I look back on some of my old notes I can see that I had been doing some rudimentary containers and icons. Some of my favorite class activities involve meaningful sketching. In particular I borrowed an activity called a “Historic Head” which involves filling a blank skull with images that a historic figure would have been thinking about. 

With the help of my Twitter friends I’ve tried to add some more sketchnoting options. In the same line of thinking my students have also had more artistic/creative options. Apparently the effort is paying off. I had a student tell me today 

I didn’t think I was going to pass your course… But you let us color…

That doesn’t sound right… Here’s what she meant to say if through the filter of “eduspeak”

Thank you for letting me choose to express my learning and understandings through a medium that I am most comfortable with.

Yeah, that sounds better…

So, long story short. Today is World Sketchnote Day 2018. Carrie Baughcum (@heckawesome) and Monica Spillman (@mospillman) put together a very cool global connection project called #passthesketchnote. These are the directions if you would like to give it a shot either on your own social network or with your students. 

Please tag Carrie and Monica when you share the results!

I volunteered to play too and was teamed up with 4 other PLN members. Sue Tucker (@sueinasp) Kim McLaren (@mcirnkim) Liz Delzell (@readmrsd) and Wendi Pillars (@wendi322) worked together to build this!

Happy Sketchnote Day 2018!