For Christmas this year I finally got Skyrim! This Action Role Playing Game is just awesome. The game begins with an introduction to the complex narrative the shows off the medieval fantasy atmosphere. I love the deep and immersive world to explore with a huge amount Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) to interact with and enemies to fight. The quests have a lot of variety and are delivered in interesting and unique ways. One of the best part of this game though is the amount of customization. The first big decision players make is what type of Avatar type they would like to play as which impacts the style battles will take. Want to be a powerful wizard? Then select on of the Elves. A powerful Swordsman? Select a Nord or Orc. How about an assassin or thief? The Catlike Khajiit is for you. Beyond this the player has access to different armor, weapons, spells, items, and potions! The gameplay can be different each time played!

Last semester, before I got my copy of Skyrim, I began planning my EDURPG plan with small enemy fights to review key ideas at points throughout class. To provide some variety in the ‘gameplay’ I wanted to offer different player Avatar Types. In this Beta version of this EDURPG I wantwd to keep it simple and settled on three basic types.

  1. Warriors – a strong character but with less overall health.
  2. Healers – this character has less power but more health.
  3. Sorcerer – a balanced character with medium power and health.

Each character type also starts with a special skill. The Google Slide below lists the powers, health and special skills.

I will talk more about the battle mechanics in the next post, but the basics are dice rolls to attack after a correct answer and loss of a portion or all of a heart with an incorrect answer. As students “level up” by earning experience points (XP) their strength and hearts also level up according to this chart. Strength means the type of die (or dice) rolled in the attack, so a 12 means 12 sided die.

To provide even more variety I have created items, weapons and armor and a crafting system which you can see in the above spreadsheet, but which I will go into more depth in a future post.

As students level up the enemies will also become stronger (explained in EDURPG pt 1: Making Enemies) so gaining levels, new armor, new weapons, and new skills will be important.

Keep an eye out for future post as,I go over my crafting system, guilds and guild types, battle mechanics system, and more!