For the last 2 years my classes have been based around the theme The History Underground. I’ve written about the actual storyline here, Zelda Missions, and here, The One Where a Student Saved My Narrative. In fact, here is the opening image on my class website.

The major delivery of the narrative has been short (under 2 minute) videos (well, audio with images) that were interwoven through my flipped recordings within YouTube playlists. This was an engagement mechanic that helped to facilitate my QWIQR method.

A student accidentally called my standard-based video sets as seasons and I adopted the language. Each standard is a season and each set of videos was an episode. This means that Season 1 had 5 Episodes. Each episode was broken into smaller, theme based, 1-3 minute chunks that could be easily summarized. Every season opened with a narrative setup video and then the videos were intermixed every 4-6 minutes. Over the next few posts I will be sharing the audio (and maybe the script at some point). In this season you will notice that a few students loaned their voice acting talent!

Season 1 Narrative

Feel free to use these audio/videos or the storyline. Its campy and the writing is not great. But the students had fun with it. Just let me know if you want to use it so I can brag about it on Twitter 😉