The Dreadsheets Strike Back: A video guide to the Dreadsheets

I have recorded 2 videos explaining some of the elements of the DreadSheets assessment or review game concept I have been playing with. The initial post about the concept is here: Dreadsheets: Using Spreadsheets for Boss Battles. The first video is a general overview of how the pages interact with each other and general gameplay. For specifics on group types and rules see the initial post. The second video is a quick walk through about how the sheets “talk” to each other and some of the coding that I have used. Please note that I am not a talented Excel or Google Sheets user and there is probably far more elegant ways to accomplish what I have done. I am interested in the concepts and if you know a better way please help me out! Make some improvements and share them. I will even give you a guest post on the blog!

1 – General Overview

2. Formulas and “linking” the pages together


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