If you read the History Underground Storyline: Season 1History Underground Storyline: Season 2, or History Underground Season 3 version skip to the storyline videos below. In this season Ms. Ritchie really takes over the show as “Zelda” my character’s long lost sister. The evil APOC organization has turned “Zelda” into a “Hunter” of the History Underground. This was probably the season I had the most fun with just because of the energy Ms. Ritchie brought to the character. I, on the otherhand, am trying really hard 😉

For the last 2 years my classes have been based around the theme The History Underground. I’ve written about the actual storyline here, Zelda Missions, and here, The One Where a Student Saved My Narrative.

The major delivery of the narrative has been short (under 2 minute) videos (well, audio with images) that were interwoven through my flipped recordings within YouTube playlists. This was an engagement mechanic that helped to facilitate my QWIQR method.

A student accidentally called my standard-based video sets as seasons and I adopted the language. Each standard is a season and each set of videos was an episode. This means that Season 1 had 5 Episodes. Each episode was broken into smaller, theme based, 1-3 minute chunks that could be easily summarized. Every season opened with a narrative setup video and then the videos were intermixed every 4-6 minutes. Over the next few posts I will be sharing the audio (and maybe the script at some point). In this season you will notice that a few students loaned their voice acting talent!