This is the time of year where I start planning out next year’s game and overall design structure. From what I gather in my circle of gamified friends this is a fairly common practice (Micheal Matera refers to it as the “incubation period”). It is a nice window of time where the students and I know each others expectations. They trust me enough to let me experiment on them and I know they feel comfortable enough to give me honest feedback. One of the difficulties I face in this window though is not having a deadline which often leads me into a Designer’s Block (if that is a thing). I feel like so many ideas are trying to crash through the small door that is my stream of consciousness that they get clogged together. But now I have a BLOG!

Last year I began writing reflection posts that outlined my plans. I intend to do that again this year but I will also be writing out my ideas as they emerge – totally half baked and untested. Blogging is great for reflection and for the next few weeks I will be writing as much for myself as for my reading audience. Here is what I ask of you all. If you read one of my half baked ideas and have thoughts or suggestions please feel free to comment or offer suggestions. If there is any truism in gaming it is: