Note – In the original post the videos had no audio. The videos have been updated.

WOW! Vlogging is HARD! When I am blogging I can go back and clean up mistakes and reword paragraphs. Recording is nerve wracking!

I am trying my hand a bit at recording some videos and I am starting with a favorite topic: XP GRADING! My students love the system and I have had a few questions recently from other teachers and Lisa Hunt (@Lisa54935) was asking some questions that were difficult to answer over Twitter.

I tried to cover some of the following big ideas in the videos. They may not come out clearly though so I would be happy to further clarify if anyone leaves a comment or Tweets @MrPowley.

  1. Purpose of Grades
  2. Problems with Traditional Grades
  3. Setup of The XP Gradebook
  4. Setting Up Assignment Groupings
  5. Mastery/Competency Grading
  6. Personalized GradeSheets

Here are some links to the different files and Google Sheets that I reference in the videos below.

Copy of 2018-19 Gradebook Template РThis is a modified version of a beta gradebook I was given permission to use by Alice Keeler (@Alicekeeler).

Copy of Personalized Grade Sheet – This is not from Alice.

2017-18 Class Website

XP Grading Part 1

XP Grading Part 2

So I started a YouTube channel! I think you can subscribe – Feel Free to Hit that Subscribe Button!