Elemental Control

My 2018-19 Narrative will revolve around a Super Hero Theme. Students will be able to select one of eight “AVATAR TYPES” each of which will be based around common Super Hero archetypes. This post will deal with the ELEMENTAL CONTROL trait.

Comic Book Examples





Common Assessment Powers

Use electrifying images highlight details. Using ONLY images, create a Cheat Sheet (front of one 8×11 paper) prior to any common assessment.

  • Hunters – If they have any hearts may use the whole cheat sheet.
  • Sentinals – divide the paper into sections = to the # of assignments in the Unit. Randomly select one section for each “power charge”.

Battle Mechanic Special Attacks.

Blinding Light – For one clash question, this type uses lightening to blind their opponents. The opponents cannot look at the question and can only hear the question read one time before answering.

Special Items


  • *When Equipped – instead of earning allies in a skirmish, the player earns 50XP with a victory
  • *When Equipped – instead of earning allies in a skirmish earn one heart or charge


  • Play in combo with Absorb. Roll a 6 sided die and multiply it by the number of chips played by Absorb card holder
  • After correctly answering a question, Place 3 cups an inch from the edge of a table. In 30 seconds knock as many of the table as possible with 3 rubber bands. KO the number of opponents = to the number of cups knocked off
  • After correctly answering a question, give this card to 1 non-elemental this player cannot be KO during the clash
  • After correctly answering a question select a teammate. Both players roll 1 attack die. If the same number multiply the two numbers. This counts as both players attack.

Battle Points

For Skirmishes, Clashes, and Boss Fights each type will have different Attack and Defense Points. During these Battles students will roll a die or dice to “attack”. In the chart below the Attack column represents the die or dice that the student can use during these Battles. The “Level” on the chart is the level the student is in the class and this number appears on their personal grade sheets.