As part of my 2018-19 narrative (click here to read more) the students in my classrooms will be broken up into two meta-guilds – the Sentinels and the Hunters. (to read about how this will be accomplished click here) At the end of each unit these two meta-guilds will battle each other for control of a Core “Primary Source”. Controlling these ‘Core Sources’ will both serve the narrative and act like a basic guild leaderboard. Also, I teach six different classes that will each have a different source that is being battled over. These are like the different Marvel Universes; instead of Monday/Wednesday 1st Block that period will be known as the Ultimate Class whereas Tuesday/Thursday 1st Block will be Earth 2. The “Big Bad” is attempting to collect different primary sources in each universe. For example, in Unit 1 the Hunters and Sentinels will be Clashing with each other for Control of the Declaration of Independence in one Universe but the Constitution in another.

The mechanics of the Clash will be based on the collective actions of members of the Hunters and Sentinels. The clash is intended to be a full class period review game or, if I can figure out the ins-and-outs, a replacement for the traditional testing that is required. (For more on this half-baked idea click here.)

Like the Skirmishes mechanic, the Clashes basic mechanic will be based on Student Avatar types and power levels. Each student in the guild will have their own tab on the spreadsheets below that correspond to their meta-guild (see the Sentinel or Hunter sheets below).

Similar to the Skirmishes we will use the Plickers app to display multiple choice questions or open-ended questions will be displayed using Google Slides. Plickers cards or laminated white paper and dry erase markers will be used so that EVERY student provides an answer. I moved to this system to keep students from ‘hiding’ in a group and I can give specific help. If the student gets the question correct they may roll the die or dice that is appropriate for their avatar type and level (to read more click here). Each student will enter their dice rolls into their tab on their Meta-Guilds’ Sheet. Those Meta-Guild Sheets will feed into a Display Sheet that will be projected onto the board next to the Plickers Question. The Meta-Guild who’s Defense Points get to zero first loses and they lose the Core Source.

The Meta-Guilds’ Defense Points will be determined by each student entering their Avatar Type points. For example an Super Strength avatar has a lot of attack points but not a lot of Defense Points whereas an Indestructible type has a lot of Defense Points but fewer Attack Points. This will also be dependent upon each student’s Level and Rank. The Defense Points will be automatically added together for each meta-guild. If there is an uneven number of students in each meta-guild then the teacher has the power to add defense points. The teacher will determine the difference between the number of students on each team and then provide the team with fewer members extra points. Each “Extra” person will be given Defense Points equal to the member on the other team with the fewest defense points. So if the Sentinels have 10 members and the Hunters have 14 members the Sentinels will have 4 “Members” defense points added equal to the Hunter member with the lowest Defense Points.

Another twist is that each Avatar has a Special “Clash” skill. These special skills depend on the player’s work in the classroom. Sentinels need to “Powerup” their skills by completing assignments and Hunters need to maintain their “Hearts” by doing the same. If they have the ability to use their special skills they can use these special attacks once per clash. Students will know their skills because they will have them listed on their Avatar Type Cards! Students will also have Item Cards that can be played during the clash as well. For Special Skills the students can use them as long as they have charged their skills or kept their hearts but for Items these cards will need to be “Activated” prior to the start of the class.

My goal with the Clash format game is to keep the pace quick with 50-60 questions completed in a 90 minute period. I don’t know how the items and special skills will play or effect the pace of the game though since I have not yet play-tested. The basic format has been tested though and the students do enjoy the low risk competition of the format.

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To Create a Copy of the Sentinels Spreadsheet Click Here