In my past version of Item Cards I just picked colors and symbols that I thought looked cool or matched the picture image. This year, since I am rebooting my narrative and needed to redo items anyways, I figured I would take a little time and plan out the meaning of each symbol and color. My favorite card maker is (Click here to read my post on this card creator). It is quick and fairly intuitive.  Below is my reminder guide to the meaning of each card.

Sized Card Image background mtgcardsmith (46)

Just a couple of vocabulary clarifications. My narrative is based on Super Heroes tapping into “Source Energy” so each card will have a primary source document/image. Items can also be played in several different situations. Some can be played anytime – like a hat day card – but some can only be played during a Skirmish or Clash or Boss Fight. Some Cards can also only be played by a particular “Meta-Guild” – the Sentinels or Hunters – but others will be playable by anyone that holds the card.

MTG CardSmith also allows the color of outer edge of the card to be changed as well. Since this is a Sentinel’s Item Card the color is Red. Hunters are Blue and All Play is White. I also have “Enthralled” Character Cards which students can win during Skirmishes and can be played later during Boss Fights and Clashes. The cards are given out during each unit and will have different coloring based on the unit.

One quick tip

MTGCardSmith requires a minimum sized image and is a rectangular shape. Create a Google Draw file with the following page setup.


There is nothing more frustrating than finding a great image and then if being to small or the wrong shape. Put the image into the Google Draw and make it fit the dimensions. Don’t worry about the unfilled space on the Google Draw. When you download the file it will turn into white space on the MTGCardSmith format..