It is that time of year here in South Carolina. Teachers reported for work last Monday and students start class on Wednesday. We are a few days from officially starting the 2018-19 school year. This post is an apology for the past week or and the next couple. I will likely be very busy with getting my classroom and game ready for students and then building all of those relationships and practices that will set up a great year.

This post is also a reflection on all the plans I have started and played with over the summer. I called most “half-baked” posts but they are nearly fully baked now that the timer of students reporting is aboit to go off. Over the year I will be reflecting and writing about how they are going during implementation.

My hope is to also start a weekly YouTube Reflection post. My channel is also called ClassroomPowerups. I only have a couple videos at this point but will hopefully be adding more each week. I’ll let y’all know…

Summer Planning Posts Guide (in chronological order)

Bosses, Plickers, and New Testing: A Half-Baked Planning Post

Can’t Draw Comic Creation: A LunaPic Aided Half-Baked Plan

A “Super” Narrative Shift: A Half-Baked Plan

2018-19 “Super” Avatars: A Mostly Baked Plan

Ranking Quests: A Narrative Based Voluntary Leader Board

2018-19 Storyline and Implications


Activating Items: A Half-Baked Idea

Item Combo Effects: A Half-Baked Idea

Battle Mechanics: Skirmishes

Battle Mechanics: Clashes

Item Cards: Symbols and Images Meaning Map

DIY Pop-O-Matic!

A Game on Rails: the Utility of a Preset Path

Wow. Having those all laid out in one place looks like a lot. I had some other posts this summer too that did not involve my 2018-19 school plans too.

Hope to be writing more soon!