Diverging Plots: My current story

In my first year gamifying a student suggested that the students actions during a unit should have an impact on the game narrative. This was a fantastic idea but seems very overwhelming – even now. Imagine 95 independent and concurrent stories in one day. It makes my head hurt.

I do feel though that after 5 years of applying gamification and game inspired designs though that I can tackle something in the spirit of this suggestion. In my current narrative I have to large groups within class that I refer to as “Meta-Guilds”. It impacts the way students complete the course work (To read more about this check out this post) but it also impacts the storyline. The Sentinels are attempting to thwart the plans of “Ms. Arie” and the Hunters are tacitly supporting her efforts. It is a murky motive and full of grey areas. Since this is a comic book theme I wanted that look as well. So I am using LunaPic.com  to make pictures look like comic drawings and then creating a book using Google Slides. After a common opening “Origin Story” the story paths for the two Meta-Guilds diverge.

Here are the first two comics after the Origin Story:


HUNTERS Storyline


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