Every so often our Curriculum Coordinator, Ms McCoy, comes in to view my classroom. When she does she often brings her iPad and records things she finds interesting. Last week she happened to come in while I was introducing my “Enthralled” Skirmish Battle Mechanic and proceeded to record a few minutes.

The following video begins with a Powerpoint “Comic” that I made using LunaPics.com and features the likeness of our resident Media Specialist, Ms Ritchie, playing the role of “Ms. Arie” the Semester 1 “Big Bad”. In this scene Ms Arie is capturing Historic Figures in order to build an army of Enthralled Servants that will be used to attack our Superhero Students.

After the comic, I introduce Students to Plickers. This tech hybrid gives the Students each a unique QR code that they then use to answer a projected question. On the student end it is fairly low tech but the Teacher scans the QR codes with a phone or tablet and it records the answers.

In the spirit of Onboarding week, enjoy this slightly embarrassing peak into Mr. Powley’s classroom as I onboard students into my Battle Mechanic system.

(Yes, the campiness is quite intentional and I was overjoyed with the chuckles a few minutes in!)