For the 2018-19 School Year I am completely revamping my Power Card Items. This year I am tying the Item cards into my narrative. Since the narrative is based on the concept that students and their powers are based on the manipulation of “Primary Source Energy” the items are based on unique primary sources. The items are designed to look like Magic the Gathering Cards (for more Item Cards: Symbols and Images Meaning Map) and like these card games I have decided to stagger the release of the items. These powercards will be released with each new Unit and will be related to primary sources that correspond to the Unit’s Standard content. Here are the Unit 1 cards.

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At this point I have most of the major item card powers laid out for the next 7 Units. I still need to select the primary sources for the next series and then to create the cards but the plan is in set. I am also in the process of fully baking my half-baked plan for item activation (Activating Items: A Half-Baked Idea) and the eventual “alchemy” of item combinations (Item Combo Effects: A Half-Baked Idea).