My class just finished up our 2nd unit and students are starting to have some clarification questions about the XP Grading System. I am going on year 5 and thankfully I have some answers! One of their biggest concerns is knowing their “grade”. I know that they mean their Final Average and the real answer is that they are still all around 30 or 40 on a 100 point scale. We have worked out a system for finding a rough pace but I wanted to make it a bit more simple for them to visualize – so I looked to MARIO KART!

In the 2nd half of the video I go through a simple spreadsheet that I have shared with students that allows them to plug in their current XP and compare it to a “PACER”. This should give them a decent idea of their overall Letter grade pace. In this screencast I also explain some of the formulas I am using including =image, =if, and =vlookup.

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