For the 2018-19 School Year I have completely revamped my Power Card Items. This year I have tied the Items to my narrative. The story concept is that the students’ powers are based on the manipulation of “Primary Source Energy” and each items is based on a unique primary source. The items are designed to look like Magic the Gathering Cards (for more Item Cards: Symbols and Images Meaning Map) and I use to create them (for more Making Cards with Mtgcardsmith).

Like most trading card games I have decided to stagger the release of the items. We are currently into Series 3: The Civil War and Reconstruction. The Powercard items are released with each new Unit and are correspond to the primary sources in that Unit. Here are the Unit 3: Civil War and Reconstruction cards.

The year started with a Hurricane and a 3 week break. As such I feel like we are just now getting to some of the deeper gameplay mechanics. The items are now starting to become valuable to students. On fact this morning I heard students trash talking about what items they had and another group asked if they could start a trading market!