2018 CPU Year in Review: Top 10 Posts of the Year


Welcome to the 2018 Year in review and THANK YOU for reading! It has been an exciting year here at Classroom Powerups. My year has seen a lot of changes – both personally and professionally. At this time last year my wife was only days away from giving birth to our 3rd child Gabriel (Little did we know!). Professionally I was beginning to tinker with my overall narrative and avatar system. The former led to many sleepless nights and a whole new family dynamic. The latter led to some of the most fun I had writing on this blog – my “Half-Baked” series.

I write this blog for a few reasons. The first is that it is a way to reflect on my practice. I have grown so much since I first began writing. I feel like I am on the verge of a unified theory centered around an open world game inspired classroom. The blog was also a way to share my ideas with the education world. (My not so secret goal is to some day write a book!) With that in mind I am super excited to report that my readership doubled from last year! ( I say this mostly tongue in cheek… It is not a huge number… 😉

So again, Thank you so much for reading. Looking back at the numbers I was surprised to see that I had posted 120 times this year. Here are my top ten posts of 2018:

  1. The 2018-19 Game Manual
  2. Making Cards with MTGcardsmith
  3. EDTECH POWER-UP: Create Google Forms Digital Locks
  4. 2018-19 Storyline and Implications
  5. Battle Mechanics: Skirmishes
  6. The Dreadsheets Strike Back: A video guide to the Dreadsheets
  7. Stop Collecting Papers
  8. Making Items
  9. Student Created Trading Cards
  10. The Magic of VLOOKUP: G.Sheets, Boss Fights, and Badges

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