A few weeks ago I came across the Website “The Most Dangerous Writing App” as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed – Highly Recommended!

This is a very simple concept. First, the writer has to select a time goal which can be set at 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes. Second, hit the start writing button. That’s it but here’s the catch – the writer can’t stop writing. If the writer stops typing then a red ring slowly starts to glow around the screen. If the writer resumes writing the ring goes away and everything is fine. If the writer doesn’t begin writing again then after 10 or so the screen goes all read and the writer has failed! They lose all progress and will have to start over!

If the writer makes it to the end of the time limit then a button will appear that allows the writer to download the text or the writer can just screenshot the text.

Here is my 3 minute piece of writing.

Suggestions for using The Most Dangerous Writing App

  1. Opening Prompts
  2. Quick Writes
  3. Check ins
  4. Reflection Activities
  5. Getting students writing when they have hit a writer’s block

Overall, this app is great for getting people writing. It is great for stream of consciousness writing. I would love to hear more thoughts on how to use this cool gamified writing toy.