I am taking a break from my SBG Journey to think a bit about a Class Game for next year. I have the outlines of a plan in place to incorporate the Standards Based Game but I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from this year’s students about the overall class game and I don’t want to abandon game inspired designs. The Game below will allow the Guilds from each class period to compete together in order to beat the game in a collaborative victory.

Without Further Ado my first draft of:

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The Game Map (This will be about 6 feet by 5 feet and will be on corkboard on the class wall)

Echoes of the Past

Our World is in danger.

The past has become fractured and the ripples of the damaged times are having consequences on the modern world. Natural disasters have become more common but even more terrifying Time Zombies. These fearsome beasts seem to appear randomly and attack the people of our nations. If left unchecked they threaten to overrun our population! These monsters must be historic figures that have been caught in the broken time stream.

Our hope lies in the Guilds that have emerged from each nation. A diverse set of heroes have promised to combine their skills and travel the world to solve this crisis.

The 6 Nations

The World is occupied by the 6 Nations. Each Nation has developed unique abilities to cope with the geography and people within its boards. These abilities will impact movement and battling abilities for the member guilds of each Nation. (Yes these are from Magic: The Gathering so that I can tie these into the MTGCardsmith.com card creator).

The Nations   Ability   Strength/Toughness
  Azorius   Double the odds of a successful Diplomatic Proposal. 4/4
  Rakdos Confederation   Multiply the strength of an attack by the number of Rakdos Guilds in the same National Region. 6/3.5
  Orzhov Syndicate   The Orzhov Syndicate knows how to SAIL from the beginning of the game. 8/3
  Selesnya   When earning items Selesnya double the amount of items gained. 10/2.5
  Land of Gruul   Gruul Guilds do not have a movement penalty when going through the Mountains. 12/2
  Izzet League   Izzet League Guilds can double their movement points when in their own territory. 14/1.5

Strength and Toughness

The Strength number for a Guild represents the Die that can be rolled when attacking during a Battle

The Toughness number represents the number of hearts each Guild Member has going into a battle. Each incorrect answer will result in the loss of a Heart. Some Zombies will have special skills that will influence battle damage.

Board Movement

Movement and Movement Points (MP)

Each guild will begin the class in their Nation’s Capital. At the beginning of Monday and Friday classes the each guild can choose to move their Guild on the board using Movement Points.

Each hexagon on the board equals 1 MP (There are some exceptions).

Guilds may move in any direction as long as they have the ability and required MP.

Earning Movement Points

MP can be earned through completion of Break In activities, Completion of Quests, and through Items.

Break Ins: For each successful station the guild completes they will roll a 6 sided die. The total number from the roll will be the MP earned.

Successful Quest: the guild will receive 1 10 sided die roll. This number will be the amount of MP earned.

Items: Item cards will contain the MP information.

Movement Restrictions

Mountains: When traveling in a mountain range each hexagon is 2 MP.

Water: Guilds must possess a boat in order to travel on the water. Different boats will have different movement abilities.

Battle Mechanics

Time Zombies Emerge

  • Stack of Cards (10 cards for each of the 6 Nations. 2 Cards for each of the 5 sections).
  • Shuffle Cards.
  • Every Mon/Tues a Card will be selected and a Time Zombie will emerge in that region.
  • If there is a Zombie in one section of the nation and a second card is pulled then each section of the nation will receive 1 Zombie!

Time Zombie Toughness

  • At the beginning of a battle the Time Zombie will roll a 20 sided die. This will be the Zombie’s Toughness

Eliminating the Time Zombies

  • One Guild must travel to the Time Zombie Outbreak location
  • HOW TO BATTLE? – Physical Challenges (trashketball, planking Qs, Bottle Flips, etc)
  • Each correct answer will allow the physical challenge. Successful completion of the challenge will allow a dice roll equal to the Guild’s Strength (plus whatever item/bonuses the Guild is entitled to)

Defeating the Time Zombies

  • Guild will earn an resource item as well as XP equal to the Zombie’s Toughness
  • Zombie’s marker will be removed from the board.



  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Stone

Built Items

  • Library
  • Local Archive
  • Wall
  • Boats and Ships
  • Armory

Special Items

  • These will be cards earned after battles and completing quests
  • Powers and impacts will be written on card

Experience Points (XP)

(to be expanded)

Victory Conditions (Collaborative Victory)

Diplomatic Victory – The World Source Accords

  • If one Guild from each Nation signs the World Source Accords victory will be achieved.
  • To sign the World Source Accords a Guild must:
  • Be in another Nation’s Capital
  • Locate a Primary Source based on a topic of Mr. Powley’s Choice from a Database (no Googling)
  • For Each Primary Source from a Unique Database (only 1 source per Database) the Guild gets to roll an 8 sided die. If the Roll is a 1 the Accord Alliance is confirmed.
  • For each Guild from the same Nation present in the foreign capital lower the number of sides of the die by 2 (8 sided to 6 sided)

Time Rift Closed

Find the lost Primary Sources that have the ability to contain the Source Energy. When combined the combined Source Energy has the ability to close the Time Rift.

  • Retrieve the Source which are in hidden locations. The Sources can be located by traveling to the Oracles on the Map. Completing the Oracle Quests will provide a clue to the source.
  • Retrieve the Source and travel with the sources from the Oracle back to “THE ARCHIVES” and deposit the sources.
  • Only 1 Source can be carried by a Guild at a Time.
  • If defeated in battle the Guild traveling with the Source loses the Source.
  • The source is then caught in the Time Storm and redeposited

(need a 3rd Path)