2019-20 Game Inspired Syllabus

This year I decided to get a bit cute with my syllabus and chose to use PowerPoint as the document creator rather than Word or Google Docs. My principal has been open to using digital documents and their are some fun tricks in Ppt that I wanted to utilize in an effort to give the document a “Game Manual” feel. Slides and Ppt also allow for the inclusion of videos and hyperlinks which was also useful. The Downloadable File is the Ppt version of the document which has transitions that make it seem more book-like.

“The Time Crisis” Section is the narrative for the Game and is followed by the “Game Rules” section on slide 14. This is followed by the Standards Based Grading, Norms, and other District mandated information. You can see the game board below as well as how I have my class roughly set up.

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