In my previous post, Powered Up XP pt3: Look to the Stars, I described my concerns with XP Grinding and outlined a plan to counteract this student hack. I am bit further along in the concept now. To start I am adding the Google slide above to the students’ main webpage. Each student will also get a paper copy of the “Constellations” and a list of the constellation “Stars” and the associated powers.

Students will earn “Perk Points” along with LP (tied to their grade) and XP (tied to a leaderboard and other small rewards). These perk points will allow students to move through the Constellation to gather new classroom powers. Students must start from the first star on the Constellation (the Black Hole) and move along the connector lines to earn the new powers. So for example, a student would start at “Fist of Fury” on the Rosie Constellation and then have to move to “Elbow Grease”. Students will show their progress by putting a sticker on their personal Constellation sheet. I am using hole punch reinforcement stickers because they are A) Cheap B) Plentiful C) have a little hole that the “Star” will fit into and D) Come in several colors.

The color coding is important. I have 6 Deconstructed Historical Thinking Skills that I have aligned the side quest activities to. Since I don’t want students grinding within a single content skill they will be limited to 2 side quests per Skill Standard. Each Standard will be represented by a different color so students will have a quick visual to see what they have already accomplished. The final piece is that students will also be limited to 6 total side quests to prevent too much level grinding. To earn a good LP grade students will need to accomplish other required quests/activities.