Let’s start this by shouting out Scott Hebert (@MrHebertPE) the author of “Press Start to Begin” and leader of the #GameMyClass Twitter Group. Last week Master Heebs created and introduced the Global Gamification movement app using Glide Apps. Please join up by filling out THIS FORM and then downloading the app at globalgamification.glideapp.io. I love the idea of creating a global gamification community and hope to see many others signing up.

After getting into the app a bit I looked into Glide App and was intrigued by the possibilities. Technically Glide Apps is a “web app” creator. It takes information from a Google Sheet and turns into a pretty slick looking App. Instead of writing about the app I created a short video walking you all through a Glide App that I am currently making to help students access their Side Quests.

Glide Apps Video

Sorry about the slow part towards the end…

I see this app as an opportunity to meet students where they are. From my observations students don’t really go to websites anymore but the understand apps. Even if Glide Apps requires an internet connection which brings up access equity issues this is a pretty promising tool to put in the teaching toolbox.