Victory Royale!

I am not good at Fortnite. My first try I died in a storm. My second try I was eliminated in about 15 seconds. There wasn’t a 3rd try. I’m not really into First Person Shooters anymore.

My son, though, turns out to by something of a savante.

I’ve been writing recently about watching my two boys (7, 10) play Fortnite (V Bucks and Weaponized Social Fun and An Easter Miracle). It has been an interesting viewing experience. Last night my 10 year old asked me to play Duos with him. I am pleased to say that with his leadership we scored a Victory Royale (meaning we outlasted the other 100 players). This reminded me how games can create a new world where ‘Real World’ rules don’t necessarily apply. My boy was taking on a leadership role when normally he would be looking to me for advice. I was able to draw on his expertise. Then we got to experience a shared victory!

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