This post is part of a series investigating Mr. Sederquist’s Form Fight System. This series will also describe some changes I have made to fit the system into my class structure. Previous Posts – Form Fight Pt 2: Adding Battle Damage and Form Fight Pt 3: Data Collection with Conditional Formatting.

This is the “Another Post”…

As I was playing around with my first effort with Mr. Sederquist’s Form Fights I was curious what would happen if I tried to add Digital Locks to to the Form. I wasn’t sure if adding the short answers to the Form Response Google Sheet would mess up the formulas in the Battle Sheets. As it turns out it doesn’t effect it at all!

Digital Locks

For a primer in Creating Digital Locks check out this post – EDTECH POWER-UP: Create Google Forms Digital Locks. Here are the basics.

Creating the lock begins by creating a “Short Answer” style question. Then click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner and select the Response Validation option. Select the appropriate option in the far left drop down (in this example Text) in the right hand drop down select Contains. This will tell the validation formula that the answer must contain exactly what is in the answer blank. You can leave a hint in the right section. I like to keep my answers in all caps.

Students will receive a message if the answer is incorrect and they will not be able to hit the submit button until the text contains the appropriate answer.


Google Forms let you create sections. My first section was basic contact information. The second section contained the digital locks. The third contained the questions that would be taking the hit points off of the boss. The students would need to “Break the Locks” just to get the Battle Questions.

Possible Applications

The Multiple Choice Questions provide the attacks against the Hit Points but the Digital Locks can add a Time component to the Form Fight. If, for example, the teacher were to put a 25 minute time limit on the Form Fight then the longer it takes to break the lock the less time they have to “battle”. Another possibility is removing the time limit but adding puzzles to the locks. I’m still playing around with this concept but there is a lot to work with in the Form Fights!