For a detailed explanation of this project go to Using Crime Scene Evidence Boards: An Investigation into the Death of Reconstruction.

This project went amazingly well but I do have a few reflections. The first was that it took a solid hour for students to create the evidence boards you see here. The second was that groups of 3-4 students worked best. Too few and the amount of material was difficult to wade through. Too many and there were several that tried to sit it out. Third, this worked best as an introduction to a discussion. After the first couple of boards were created I realized this and left about 10-15 minutes just to discuss their initial findings. Ideally this will lead to a student created project but I found that some misconceptions needed to be addressed. This was usually the case with groups that tried to break up the work individually rather than have a discussion as they went. Lastly, I would like a better way to “save” the boards. Pictures worked well for the overall impression but did not save the smaller details very well.