Over the last 11 or so posts I have developed the structural framework for the semester long Hero’s Journey Quest. In this post I am going to begin to actually construct the specific elements of a Quest based on Civil Rights content from my 2020 South Carolina US History and Constitution Standards. These standards also included expectations for historical thinking skills several of which are the foundation for the activities within the quest. Also of concern is that I teach a Dual Enrollment course so their is an expectation that the completed work is appropriate for a college level course. I have no doubt that all of these expectations will be met even if it takes the form of a gamified quest activity set.

The Call to Adventure

The call to adventure is when the hero learns about the special world and is offered the chance to go on the Hero’s Journey. The semester will feature several different quests and thus several different calls to adventure. Some students may choose not to go no any quests at all but instead focus on meeting weekly challenges and review given during the in person meetings. I will be referring to these students as “Clerks” for the storyline. Students that chose to go adventuring on a quest are will be out seeking artifacts of power to fight the big bad. The students will be referred to as “Collectors”. The Civil Rights Quest Call to adventure will come in the form of an Email from a dummy gmail account. This email will also introduce the potential Collector to the Mentor with dynamic communication between the two coming from the email address and static messages located on the Questing Google Site.

Civil Rights Call to Action Email

Good Afternoon,

I represent CIPHER – the Central Investigation into Public History and Educational Reactions – a highly classified agency dealing with the new “source energy” phenomena. We have been tracking you since that unfortunate incident at the National Archives and have been impressed with your potential. At this point my colleagues and I think you have reached the limits of your growth in such a limited setting. You need to be challenged and we have a need for someone with your special… talents.

This is Elliot Vonner or rather this is the only picture our last agent on his case was able to take before they disappeared. We feel lucky to have gotten this.

The rumor is that Vonner, AKA Dr. Vonn, has figured out how to access the same source energy powering your superhuman abilities. Our latest intel suggests that he is searching for several new and powerful artifacts. If you is able to collect this powerful sources it is probable that he can put his evil plans into action. Dr. Vonn’s is a student of conspiracy. We have infiltrated a branch of his new cult following and it seems they believe that with enough source energy he can will parts of the past out of existence. This is a dangerous new power and he must be stopped.

CIPHER needs new agents with your abilities to take on these missions. This email is a secure line – for now – but I have created a new encrypted server that will be an information hub for you.

We think Dr. Vonn’s first target is centered on American Civil Rights. We don’t quite yet know his motivation for attacking this memory but we must get there first or defeat him if we are too late!

Follow this link if you want to join us in this mission. (insert Google Site Link to Civil Rights Quest)

Thank you Hero.

Tracy Lynn

The Mentor on the Google Site (Copy of the CIPHER Registration Site)


You’ve decided to join the Hunt! 

You are part of a special unit we are constructing here called – COLLECTORS. Your first mission will be to collect a series of Gilded Age artifacts before Vonner has a chance to run off with them. Our Agents are telling us that he is extremely interested in locating these artifacts so we need to get on this.

[Registration Form]

Choose Your Weapon

But First we need to equip you with some instruments to harness that power of yours. Sure, you have superpowers but that is really just good for those Common Assessments. Those powers are going to be limited in a Battle. Our Technicians have been studying other source powered people and have learned that we can harness that source energy and create energy weapons. To maintain your cover we can disguise these weapons as everyday items – the really are just a way to focus your energies into attacks. Be careful with your choice though since there are some drawbacks to each weapon.

LINKS to the First Missions Will Follow