Link to Civil Rights Quest Google Site with a full YouTube walkthrough below.

A few notes:

  1. The goal of this Hero’s Journey format is to help students visualize the growth they are making towards becoming powerful Historical Thinkers. Students will receive grades but my hope is that this will increase engagement without the threat of grades.
  2. This Civil Rights Journey is full of traumatic material. In my effort to gamify this content my goal was to allow students to learn the reality of the troubled past in a respectful manner in an engaging way. The narrative overlay was designed to help with the engagement without making the traumatic content “playful”. While I find this history important and inherently interesting not all students will. My hope is the game mechanic layers have been added respectfully and do not add further harm. I will let you all be the judge of whether that goal has been met.
  3. One element of the Hero’s Journey is “Supernatural Aid”. I was conscious when designing this Quest to try to avoid a “White Savior” element. The students that are on the journey have the “mentor” in the form of NPCs Tracy Lynn and Hanna Morris and I will play the IRL version of that but in the narrative I tried to keep myself out of the story and allow students to do the work. In the end the students are the ones expected to go into the world and advocate for change. Again, I will let you all be the judge of whether that goal has been met.