These semester long Hero’s Journey quests take a while to construct. Having gotten the students started with these quests I am finding that there are a lot of moving pieces that students are helping me fix. Mostly it is minor things like links that are going to the wrong page or forgetting to fix the “sharing” properties in a Google Doc or Draw.

Long story short – the students are intrigued and have jumped into each of the 3 quests that I have proposed. I have finished designing the Civil Rights Quest and am now sharing a mostly complete Monumental Challenge Quest.

In this Quest students begin by researching the University of North Carolina’s Silent Sam statue though the writings of the UNC History department. They then move onto understanding the controversy over South Carolina’s Ben Tillman statue and researching other local monuments. Finally, they end by researching a South Carolina historical figure or event, design a monument to interpret that event, and finally print the monument on our 3D Printer. The quest ends with students writing a formal proposal to the SC legislature proposing and defending their design.

Anyways, here is a link to a copy of the Monumental Challenges Quest: