RAMPING My Health Original Post from 3/22/21

Good News!

I made some progress this week. The main reason for my health kick was a blood panel showing high cholesterol and the doctor called after a 2 month check up to say my cholesterol is way down! My original post went up on Monday 3/22 and since then I have completed 3 days in the Couch to 5K program. Since I wasn’t straight off the couch I am actually moving into Week 3 Day 1 on Saturday. The 5k for May 30th has been paid for so there is no going back now!

I have also been more aware of my food intake and have largely cut out the snacks I didn’t realize I was eating. A few months ago we had rejoined Costco and found a giant tub of cashews for $15. Apparently one of my habits has been to grab random handfuls of cashews and munch-munch-munch. Well, did you know that only 18 cashews is about 160 calories! I was easily eating an extra meal worth of cashews each day! Yeesh… I have also cut out alcohol during the week. This is partially calorie related but mostly the pandemic made it way to easy to reach for another glass of wine or a mix up an Old Fashioned. That needed to stop for a number of reasons.

Of course this is what I see when I walk into school today:

Folks… I was able to resist the Krispy Kremes!

I have also taken over the Head Coaching job for my son’s 8 & Under baseball team. I am happy to announce that I had enough energy to keep up with twelve 7-8 year olds Tuesday and Thursday! On a side note I have been able to put ALL of my gamification background to use with 7 and 8 year olds. There has been A LOT of energy.

Anyways – after only 4 full days of healthy living my weight is down and my energy is up. Thanks for listening.

DateWeight5K Time
3/22 (M)216.1n/a – Week 2 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
3/26 (F)214.3n/a – Week 3 Day 1
of Couch to 5K