RAMPing my Health Original Post

This week was Spring Break. My family and I went up into the South Carolina mountains to camp for 6 days at Table Rock State Park. It was a lot of fun and definitely worth the 6 hours in the car. We went hiking and fishing and every night ended with a campfire and smores.

In an ambitious moment we attempted to climb up the Table Rock Trail. The route said it was 3.5 miles to the end of the trail and then 3.5 miles back. We gathered up our 10, 8, and 3 year old and headed off. After about 2 & 1/2 hours we were about half way and our digital watches had registered about 2 miles and around 37 floors of elevation. The older boys were complaining and the littlest one had been riding on his mother’s back for about and hour and a half. We decided to turn around after reaching the first scenic outpost. It was worth the climb but we were all pretty sore the next day!

This picture does not capture the beauty of the mountain but its the best I have.
My new Civilian Conservation Corps hat and camping beard.
The Before Picture…

I was careful with the campfire beverages but a bit less with the smores. My 8 year old loves making them for other people and I couldn’t say no! Everything cancelled out and unlike other camping trips I didn’t feel like I over ate or drank. It bears out in this week’s stats as while my weight hasn’t changed BUT I noticed that I am down a hole on my belt and my shirts are fitting better. All in all it was a plateau week but well worth it.

DateWeight5K Time
3/22 (M)216.1n/a – Week 2 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
3/26 (F)214.3n/a – Week 3 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
4/2 (F)210.1n/a – Week 3 Day 3
of Couch to 5K
4/11 (Sun)210.3n/a – We were