Original RAMPing My Health Post

This post is a week late and I can attribute that to an insanely busy Teacher Appreciation Week and Big Personal News Weekend. It also happens to be the first week that I stumbled a bit. If I was appreciated with anymore donuts, muffins, cookies, or other general food item I will be back to where I started! I generally avoided most of these tokens of appreciation though not entirely. An incredibly booked after school schedule also meant that I only got one run in. I did finish up week 6 of the Couch to 5K though so I am on track for my May 30th 5K event. Those two factors combined meant that I added a pound this week. That said I still feel ok about where I am healthwise. I am running further than anytime since the Pandemic started and my clothes are fitting more comfortably. I feel better just being in my body like I can move again.

One reason I was so busy this week was because my wife and I decided to upgrade our Travel Trailer Camper. This meant that over the weekend we spent too much time at the RV Dealership and then hauling all of the camping gear into the new camper. Two years ago several family members were buying RVs and were pushing us to try it out. I was skeptical at first but with 3 young boys we thought it would be a good family bonding activity to go camping and if we spent the money on a camper it would force us to use it. We bought a modest 27 footer about 4 months before the COVID Pandemic began and it proved to be an amazing investment. For days on end we get out into the woods – away from cell signal and television and just have fun together. We love it so much that we decided to upgrade and moved into a less modest 27 footer with a slide out for more living space. I just wanted to share 🙂

DateWeight5K Time
3/22 (M)216.1n/a – Week 2 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
3/26 (F)214.3n/a – Week 3 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
4/2 (F)210.1n/a – Week 3 Day 3
of Couch to 5K
4/11 (Sun)210.3n/a – We were
4/17 (Sat)207.9n/a – Week 5 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
4/24 (Sat)207.9Week 5 Day 3
of Couch to 5K
4/30 (F)206.8Week 6 Da1 1 of Couch
to 5K (20 mins consecutive)
5/9 (Sun)208.3Finished week 6
of Couch to 5K