I am pleased to announce that I will be appearing on the Professor Game Podcast! The show will be released on Monday May 17th and can be found at!

Here is a description of the Professor Game Podcast from the website:

“Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and inspiration to make learning experiences meaningful.”

I am now part of a fraternity that includes many of my Game Inspired Heroes!

Andrzej Marczewski

Michael Matera

Nicole Lazzaro

Nick Yee

Yu-kai Chou

Lee Sheldon

Melissa Pilakowski

Glen Irvin

Steve Isaacs

Matthew Farber

Scott Herbert

John Meehan

Richard Bartles

There are many other guests that have appeared on the podcast that I will be listening to now as well.

Most importantly….

I am now only 1 degree of separation away from Stan Lee… Yes! Stan Lee (!)