So here is what I’ve been up to…

My new 2020 SC State Standards for US History have 6 “Deconstructed Skills” – Comparison, Causation, Periodization, Context, Continuities & Change, and Evidence. In each standard the content is applied to one of these 6 skills. For example, in Standard 1.Comparison students are expected to deeply compare elements of the 13 British Colonies. In my planning for next year I am attempting to combine Standards Based Grading and a simple Badging system through the lense of the Marvel Power Grid.

Marvel rankins its Superheros in 6 general categories. I have modified “intelligence” into Mental Powers but this is the basics. (Yes, I know Flash is DC… I don’t care). I will be tying these general categories to the deconstructed skills. In practice this means that

  • Mental Powers = Comparison
  • Strength = Causation
  • Speed = Periodization
  • Durability = Context
  • Energy Projection = Continuities and Change over Time.
  • Fighting Skills = Evidence

Students will be able to increase their ranking on the power grid in one of two ways.

  1. They can earn a level during our common assessment battles. If, during the battle, they score 90 or better in a category they will automatically earn 1 level.
  2. Once per Unit a student can complete a side quest + content quiz tied to that category.

This means that in any given unit a student could earn upto 2 levels on the power grid (They all start at level 1 which = normal).

Because part of the narrative is that they are superpowered after an accident on a field trip they will also have the ability to start with to “Level Points” which can start them on the grid. This matters because each level is tied to a perk which will help them to tailor their classroom experience.

There is still a lot to plan but the general concept is that of a badging system and is modeled on my old “Belt Ranking System”. Essentially this is similar to a karate belt test that allows students to demonstrate their skills and abilities for others voluntarily and in public. In addition to the personal dashboard images above I also intend on having the students power grids posted on the walls with stickers or markers being used to show the leveling. I am still working out the details on that public display, but since these are not directly tied to any grading, it is voluntary, and Avatars are used as opposed to names I don’t think there are any FERPA violations.

I will have a full post showing the spreadsheet work of this but for now here is a taste and a hint – there are a few Nested If statements