Introducing the 2021-22 Echoes of the Past Game Inspired Syllabus!

I wanted the syllabus to have more of a Game Manual feel. This was accomplished by using the “Book Fold” setting in Microsoft Word. To get to this setting go to the “Layout” tab, click on the little expand this section tab in the “Page Setup” section, and change the drop down button for “multiple pages” to book fold. After that it takes a little playing around to get the formatting correct. Also, folding the printed pages is not intuitive so I also turned on the page number settings and had to tinker for a bit.

The Cover Art is from a Nintendo Switch cover transparency and some Deviantart pictures. The two were combined together in Google Draw. Then I had to split the image into a Front Cover and Back Cover. Front Cover goes on Page 1 and back cover goes on the last page.

With the aesthetic figured out the “game” is layed out within the pages. Since this is a word document I have included the file below.

Feel free to examine the file and use it to inspire your own!