At the end of boss assessment #1 the students took on, and defeated, a Dragon!

This is from 5 Minute Dungeon. You should try this game.

The dragon was defending some powerful magical sources they needed to escape an alternative reality. Unfortunately, as they were “finishing” the dragon off a mysterious stranger began cackling and thanked them for removing the dragon for her. She proceeded to swipe the primary sources and run out of the cavern. The students have followed her to a castle in the edge of the map and have now laid siege to the citadel. They will need to destroy the castle defenses before than can seek to take on the mysterious stranger directly!


This has taken alot of prep work! I have printed off a multi piece 3D castle that the students will be attacking.

There is also a larger base this can sit on but I did run out of time for that 6 piece print
The deconstructed castle

To add to the challenge I will be bringing my son’s wooden blocks to set up a few tower stations.

Attacking the Castle

Unlike the previous Boss Fight students will not attack with a simple dice roll. Instead students, in small guild groups, will attack using siege weapons they have constructed for homework. Yes, catapults, trebuchet, and ballista were all options – the ammo will be dice.

Answer a question correctly and the group gets to shoot one die at the castle.

If the castle is hit by the die then that will count as a dice roll. The number will be deducted from the overall “Wall Integrity” Hit Points.

Since we will have only 5-6 possible hits per question the Hit Points number will be low. There are 35 questions in this battle so roughly a maximum 175 hits. I’m going to guess maybe 125 shots with maybe 50 actual hits. The dice will be between D4 and D20 but I am going to go low on the Hit Points with 125 Wall Integrity Hit Points. If the castle walls are breached I have a “surprise”.

If the Question is incorrect then the die cannot be fired from the siege weapon.

Guild Battle Squads

Students will be working in small guild groups. Each guild will have one siege weapon. Each student answers the question independently. To fire the die at least 1/2 the guild members will need to answer the question correctly. Less than 1/2 and the weapon cannot be fired.

Each individual student will be given a hard copy of the test questions. If the student answers correctly then they will cut out the question and answers and turn. It into a paper ball to be placed in the center of the table. If incorrect the keep the question to be added to the credit recovery form. (Paper balls will be used in the ghost surprise)

Knock Down Bonus

If a piece of wall falls off the the guild gets to double their dice roll.

Critical Hit

If ALL students answer correctly then the students get to roll without firing their dice.

Castle Defenses

Ballista Defense – 50%+1 miss a question arrow die thrown. Members of guild it points at loses 1 heart each.

Liquid Fire – after each question I will roll a D20. It lands on a natural 20 then I will fire a die with my catapult toward the board. The die will hit the projector screen and potentially fall into ring on the floor. Each ring will be paired to one guild. If the die lands in the ring every member of the guild is KOd. If it does not land in a circle the fire misses.

Heart Revival

To be revived after a KO a student will need to throw a correct answer ball into the castle. If they hit the castle they will retrieve a heart. If the ball stays in the castle walls they retrieve all 3 hearts.

Shadow Spirit Surprise

If the castle defenses are breached then the projector screen will be raised to reveal three “Shadow Spirits”. The Shadow Spirits will be paper images taped onto coffee cans which will then be taped onto the white board. Students will then be able to throw the correct answer paper balls to attack spirits. They will have been building up their paper ball ammo throughout the battle.

It will take three (this could be changed as we go through the game) paper balls successfully thrown into the coffee can in order to defeat the shadow spirit.

Since this is a midpoint assessment any Shadow Spirits that are bot defeated will need to be destroyed before the Final Boss can be attacked directly in the second part of the Battle!

A District Integration Specialist will be coming to video this battle so I hope to have some footage next week!