Update: I am adding a timer to the challenges. This will force the pace of play to remain fast. Also the purpose of the dungeon challenges is to preload the concepts the students will see in the next batch of questions. In one dungeon they will need to order a few images dealing with Reconstruction. While they wont be getting an exact question on the topics it should help the students recall concepts like Black Codes, Congressional Revonstruction, and Jim Crow that will be needed to correctly answer the multiple choice questions.

In the ongoing saga of my US History classes’ efforts to escape our Fantasy world they have battled a dragon, chased Ms. Arie to and destroyed the castle fortifications, and now they will be entering a dungeon to continue the chase.

The castle has been breached and each class was able to defeat the spirit guards Ms. Arie placed in their paths. Now they must enter the castle and deal with the dungeon.

The Basics

This fight will feature standard HP and dice roll mechanics (as seen in the Dragon Battle).

Ms Arie will start with HPs based on the number of students in the fight and students will attack using their dice rolls. This will be recorded through their “Battle Sheets”. Each student can roll to attack when they get the question correct. If 50% of the students get a question incorrect one student will be randomly attacked and lose a heart.

The twist in this fight is that the students are starting with “weakened” stats due to the prolonged “siege” to break into the castle. Each student will start with a 4 sided die rather than the standard 6 sided attack. HOWEVER, students will be working in small groups and the dice strength can increase by completing Dungeon Challenges.

The Dungeon Challenges

There will be 4 “dungeon challenges” that Ms. Arie has placed in the student’s path as they chase her through the dungeons. Each of these challenges will involve organizing or classifying several primary or secondary sources. This boss assessment is the 2nd part of a long common assessment and only has 21 questions. These challenges will occur every 5 questions and will feature a power boost if successfully overcome.

By completing the dungeon challenge the next size die will be added to each student’s in the group’s roll.

Opening Roll: 4 sided die

Dungeon Challenge 1: Add a 6 sided die

Dungeon Challenge 2: add a 8 sided die

Dungeon Challenge 3: add a 10 sided die

Dungeon Challenge 4: add a 20 sided die

This gives a WIDE variance in the rolls which might be difficult. The minimum roll for each student is a 5 and the max is a whopping 52 if they get each boost.

Since we are opening with a dungeon challenge this is the potential power scale.

Questions 1-5 : possible 2-10 HP damage per student

Questions 6-10 : possible 3-18 HP damage per student

Questions 11-15 : possible 4-28 HP damage per student

Questions 16-21 : possible 5-48 HP damage per student

Storyline Impact

If Ms. Arie is defeated then the students will gather the sources that she drops and transport themselves “back to the real world”. Ms. Arie will be towed along. As they re-enter their reality the students will be introduced to “CIPHER” and the semester 2 story.

If they do not defeat Ms. Arie she will need to be tracked down and finished off as review for the Final Exam which is coming up in December.